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April27, 2015
by Shibumi

In early December 2014, a group of ten tiny tots ( ages 6 and 7) were accompanied by two teachers on a three day visit to Thiruvannamalai. We were in time for the mela at the Marudam school and there

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March8, 2011
by Shibumi

Journals from Honnemardu

“Tallaguppa!” The deep voice of the conductor woke me up from my light sleep. It seemed to have done that to most of my friends too. The bus squeaked to a halt and all of us, more asleep than awake, h

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December7, 2010
by Shibumi

Kiri trip to Panchgani

At Arvind Gupta’s toy-making workshop in Pune:Art – with pastels, collage, charcoal, pencil – happened all the time!Making bracelets for Nikunj’s wedding at the Panchgani house:Tableland:Exploring an

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February22, 2010
by Shibumi

Night out with the Kiri

SharadThe visit to Kanchi’s (Ranjana aunty, as known fondly to many of us) land proved to be a lot more exciting than one had imagined it to be. Though planned out as a trip to bake the clay wok by th


September21, 2009
by Shibumi

Home Term: Book-buying

As part of the home term, Tarang and Isaura, along with Angie and Shalini, went book-buying for the library! We sold a whole lot of books and bought books with the money we received. We bought books w