Work With Us

Joining us as a resource person

The adult who wishes to be an educator and colleague in this venture must be deeply concerned with religious enquiry. By this we do not mean the following of a religious tradition or a practice but a rootedness in the observation of one’s daily life and relationships. From this comes a capacity to be aware of the structure and nature of thought and to negate it. We invite adults who are committed to finding out if one can relate in a spirit of total freedom, co-operation and responsibility. This implies that psychological separation and identity has to be ended. Such enquiry demands all of one’s energy and commitment and cannot be a passing interest. The adult also has the responsibility of communicating and awakening the capacity for this enquiry in the young. This movement brings about a mind which is not fragmented. Shibumi is not a place of escape from the travails of the world but a challenging engagement with one’s own complexities and contradictions.

As educators we are committed to:

  • Self enquiry
  • The Teachings of Krishnamurti
  • Education
  • Working with each other

We welcome people who share the same commitments, to work with us as full time resource persons.

Admissions for 2024-25

The admission process for 2024-25 has concluded for children till O-levels (10th grade).

We invite parents whose children are interested in the intent of the space in the A-level program to apply for admission with us.