Kala Kala Kolu (Golu)

November20, 2023
by Shibumi

Dussehra is a time when many South Indian households keep Kolu- where they showcase myths, idols and other stories through dolls on steps in their house.

One of the students family kept Kolu at their house and invited all the young ones (Violas) to visit them for the day and have delicious lunch at their house!

On the steps there were many dolls showcasing many myths. Some myths and stories the children knew about and told the others, and some they weren’t sure about that ajji (grandma) explained. Stories of Krishna dancing with the gopikas, Pongal celebration in a farm, the Dasavataram were all talked about.

After sharing stories, all of us took pencils and colours to paper and drew one story or doll and wrote a little bit of their story.

The above is a showcase of the many dolls and their stories made by the most enthused young ones.

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