Shibumi is a learning centre for adults and young people.

For adults it offers a space where, through dialogue, one understands oneself and relationships in the light of J.Krishnamurti’s teachings. Only for the children of such interested adults, Shibumi offers a learning environment where they can grow and flower in goodness.

Krishnamurti’s teachings act as a mirror in which we can comprehend ourselves and the complex movement of our fears, sorrows, desires and loneliness, which are indeed common to all mankind. These teachings are not a guide, a set of ideals or a framework; to any particular way of living; they do not offer a technique or method to free oneself of psychological misery. They are not an abstract philosophical system. Shibumi is not a community that one joins. It is a coming together of individuals, in the spirit of freedom and cooperation, in the movement of self knowing through dialogue and observation.

Admissions for 2024-25

The admission process for 2024-25 has concluded for children till O-levels (10th grade).

We invite parents whose children are interested in the intent of the space in the A-level program to apply for admission with us.