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April19, 2019
by Shibumi

Ragi Farm

I had an idea to make a plough. Das made it for me. Ritwik and I would use it in the sand pit. We made our plough better by adding a place so that two people could act like the cows and one person fro

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October1, 2016
by Shibumi

Shibori at Shibumi

We had a one day intense workshop with Nikita Jain and Priyanka Patel , where they shared with us the magic of Shibori. We had done tie-dye earlier, and were fascinated by the simple technique of knot

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July9, 2016
by Shibumi

A Walk to Remember

Last week the Ketaki’s (Age 7 to 9) went for a walk, the plan was to go mulberry picking in a gated community. Mulberries, we had heard were filled in the bushes and we were so excited to collect our

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September1, 2010
by Shibumi

The New Curriculum – II

(At Shibumi, we are making a radical shift in curriculum. The curriculum is still evolving and we meet frequently to think details out and talk things over. We’d like to share our thoughts with you as

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