Amaladass BW


Amaldass has been teaching carpentry skills at Shibumi. He loves being with children and goes on nature walks, builds tree houses and does nature craft with them.


Chetan Nataraj

Chetan holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and after working for a decade did his Masters in Counselling Psychology. He is deeply interested in education as a way of exploring and understanding the self and currently works with the 11-14 age group.

Ganesh Venkataraman BW

Ganesh Venkataraman

Ganesh Venkataraman worked in the software industry for 18 years before joining as a teacher at Shibumi. He is keen on exploring self-knowing through dialogue together with a group of like-minded adults. He works with children in the age group of 12-14 years.


Kabir Jaithirtha (1949 – 2018)

Kabir Jaithirtha B.Sc. PGDM (I.I.M. Calcutta) was a Trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation, India. He had over 35 years of experience as teacher and administrator in KFI schools, CFL and Shibumi.


Roopa Devadasan

Roopa Devadasan is a Public health doctor who turned into a yoga teacher after twelve years of practising medicine. She has been teaching science and yoga to children for the last five years. She enjoys children (most of the time!), music and cycling.


Sharad Jain

Sharad Jain finished his schooling at CFL and was part of the Post-school programme at The Valley School. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Delhi. He teaches Sports/Fitness, Hindi and Geography at Shibumi.


Shivanti Gupta

Shivanti Gupta completed her M.A in Psychology from Delhi University. Her love for children along with her interests in learning and teaching brought her to Shibumi. She works mostly with the younger children and at the same time enjoys the company of the older ones.

Soumya Ganesh BW

Soumya Ganesh

Soumya Ganesh completed her BSc from Bangalore University. She is deeply interested in exploring and working with the teachings of Krishnamurti. At Shibumi, she works with children aged 8-11 years.


Tanushree Borundia

Tanushree Borundia completed her A levels at CFL and went on to obtain a Bsc in Psychology through the Madras University. Her keen interest in education and love for children lead her to many non-formal schools, where she explored education as a way of life.

Vibha - BW

Vibha Iyer

Vibha Iyer has completed her BA (Journalism) from Manipal University. She has since worked in education with developing communities. At Shibumi, she is interested in exploring teaching and learning, especially the social sciences.

Viju Jaithirtha BW

Vijaya Lakshmi Jaithirtha

Vijaya Lakshmi Jaithirtha has a Ph.D in English Literature and has taught middle and senior classes in Krishnamurti schools for more than 25 years.