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April19, 2019
by Shibumi

Ragi Farm

I had an idea to make a plough. Das made it for me. Ritwik and I would use it in the sand pit. We made our plough better by adding a place so that two people could act like the cows and one person fro

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August21, 2015
by Shibumi


A couple of hours away is a place bustling with sounds.Cramped, polluted and smelly, what is this place we have found?People from all cultures, their apparel so unique to their ways,This place we have

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November20, 2011
by Shibumi

Science Fiction

Here is a delightful story 10-year old Rajat wrote for a question in his English book, which asked him to write a science fiction story. A couple of tiny corrections in spelling and punctuation are th

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September10, 2011
by Shibumi

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We haven’t posted much onto the blog for a long time now — I will try and get down to sharing bits of news from the past few months now. Srikiran, a carnatic classical violinist, spent the day with u

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April1, 2009
by Shibumi

My Trip to Gudalur

By Gayathri, Student (17) [This is a very summarized passage on some of my experiences in Gudalur. If I wrote about everything I would be writing forever!] During my O levels I was really fascinated b

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