Thulirs in Kaigal

March13, 2016
by Shibumi

This year our young Thulirs (Age 6 to 9) spent four days in Kaigal. Here the Krishnamurti Foundation owns acres of beautiful forested land with the Kaigal river flowing through it. This land is on the fringes of the Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh.

We loved the herbal drink.
An encounter with a snake.
we swam… a lot!

Sleeping under the starry sky!
While some sleep in the tents!

We went for long walks, played in the water, climbed trees and rocks, visited a tribal school, worked in the nursery and saw a night sky that was studded with stars!

Being together , growing and learning together is a precious gift.

Cola, was our companion on all our little adventures!

Here are Glimpses of our wonderful trip ….

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