August11, 2023
by Shibumi

This was the last week of school for our older children before they go away for ‘study leave’ and then the mocks and exams! After this week their rhythm will no longer be the same with us, internships and navigating the journey of ‘what next’ will determine their new routine.

Every year when a group of children are graduating, I can’t imagine Shibumi without them- without their voice in assembly, their challenges to demands the space makes, their care to moments and their fussing about the lunch! These weeks also throw up images of them as they were growing up – unforgettable things they asked, staring at star studded skies during excursions, their revolts and their bright eyes engaged with their tiny hands busy creating things that their minds can imagine.

This particular graduating group loved setting up ‘SHOP’ for the rest of the community when they were young, and then all the way up until Covid changed our schedules. ‘Shop-shop’ would keep them busy weeks before our decided day, grouping up to plan the shop with, imagination that had no bounds – all we had to do was make materials available, help untie knots, find a way to stick stones and participate in their enthusiasm to make things. Conversations about what theme their shop could have, will the shop have a name, how much money will the buyers get and all other details of such an endeavor would fill our days. The morning the ‘Shop’ would open, parents, teachers and students would display skills in bargaining, making deals and improvising in novel ways to make the most of the play market place!

This term our youngest children decided to put together a ‘Shop’ for their most adored seniors as a farewell into their new rhythms and as a reminder to the childhood they had had. Their shops were bursting with their most delicious flavors, intricate origami, macramé, earrings, book marks, drinks and so much more! And today when the shop opened, just like the years before, we were all-adults and children- engaged in pretend play, having fun, in our elements and learning a whole host of skills!

A time lapse of four shops

Where one could find colourful origami, and three different sweets

Where one could find earrings, paper planes and soda

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