Ursa in Bangalore

March28, 2020
by Shibumi

During one of the terms this year, the Ursa opened themselves up to the city that is home to them, Bangalore. Here are some glimpses of Bangalore discovered through these young explorers!

We started the exploration by understanding a map of Bangalore. The children did a simple survey with their parents about their relationship with the city, which was such fun to read together!

Soon we were out into the city every week to explore different areas, taste the flavors, feel the buildings, hear the stories and see what is there and imagine that which used to be there!

‘Discovering Bengaluru’ the book by Meera Iyer was our constant and trusted companion. It gave us a window into stories, streets and strangers who brought the city alive!

At the end of our term project, we decided to retell some of the legends!

Exposure, Group learning, New Curriculum, Project

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So fun watching them. Heard all the those stories in those days; how much they enjoyed this exploration. The videos are icing on the cake..!

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