August14, 2017
by Shibumi

Dhrupad Week

In an attempt to bring music into Shibumi and deepen the learning space at Shibumi we had a Dhrupad retreat with Pelva Naik, It was a week long rigorous engagement with the artist.Plelva brought a new

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August14, 2017
by Shibumi

Learning at the Land

The beginning of this academic year has been wonderful for us all. Interactions with our new campus have begun. The Ketaki and Tulsi groups (our littlest ones) have been spending three mornings a

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October6, 2016
by Shibumi

Chittara Workshop

The Paaruls and Palash were introduced to the Chittara art form through a two day workshop at Shibumi.  Chittara is a folk art form practised by the women of Deewaru community living close to Jog

Artwork, Workshops

October1, 2016
by Shibumi

Shibori at Shibumi

We had a one day intense workshop with Nikita Jain and Priyanka Patel , where they shared with us the magic of Shibori. We had done tie-dye earlier, and were fascinated by the simple technique of knot

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