August21, 2015
by Shibumi
A couple of hours away is a place bustling with sounds.
Cramped, polluted and smelly, what is this place we have found?
People from all cultures, their apparel so unique to their ways,
This place we have come to know, is worth a visit I must say!
The dialysis center, a building bathed in peach,
Located central to the ward making it convenient to reach.
The entire ground floor is dedicated to the poor and their kidneys
For the cost for them is nil, treatment is without a fee.
Lying on the beds, the patients are bored and tire quite fast.
I can only imagine how they must feel when their four hours have gone past.
Although the patients suffer from boredom and pain thrice a week,
They smile and see the positive, I can hear it when they speak.
The spirit and attitude with which the dialysis patients live their life,
It’s truly an amazing thing, especially with all the strife!
 On the first floor amongst the crowd there are a few draped in white.
Doctors and nurses confined to their little sites.
As the patient walks through the door with a certain state of mind,
Being embraced by the doctor, they slowly start to unwind.
Having being told of a diagnosis, the patient is now at rest.
Repeat it or not, there is nothing that can be done about the test.
Devskanda and Yannick
Exposure, Students

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