The Geodesic Dome Project

May10, 2018
by Shibumi

Over the past few months the words ‘Geodesic Dome’ have gone around Shibumi quite a lot. It’s unlikely there’s anyone who hasn’t heard the words. And in recent times we have had a strange structure sitting outside Bijitsu. Often you would find some of the youngest children climbing and playing on it. But what is a geodesic dome? And why has it become so popular at Shibumi? The Reporters club at Shibumi got together the group of students working on it to answer their questions…
Who all are involved in this project? 
Geodesic Group (GG): Srishti, Asba, Gautam, Varun, Yashwant, Das and Kumaran uncle. 

How did you get started on it? 
GG: We had a choice between puzzles, triangulation and the geodesic dome. We chose this one because it was more hands-on. 

What is a geodesic dome? 
GG: A geodesic dome is any dome made only out of straight lines. (on the dome surface) The Geodesic Dome is the strongest structure for any curved surface. 

What are some difficulties you have faced in assembling it? 
GG: Pounding so many pipes and cutting them hurts after some time. It can become really tiring and repetitive. 

What materials are you using and why?
GG: We are using metal, aluminium alloy and steel pipes because it is strong, comparatively light weight and cheap. For example wood would break too easily.

Did you make any mistakes? 
GG: We made a lot of mistakes while hammering!

What did you learn?

GG: We learnt that Kumaran uncle is very patient. (laughs) We didn’t even know there something like this could be done before this project. 

What is the future of this project? 
GG: We are planning to assemble it in the new school. We have not yet decided for what yet.
The complete project report can be found here
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