The cultural event!

May1, 2010
by Shibumi
We just had our first cultural programme — song, drama and dance! A colourful, happy and, I think I can safely say, successful event. Here are some pictures taken by Dipankar, one of the parents. More photos and perhaps videos will be up soon.
We started with singing four of the many wonderful folk songs Nilanjana has been teaching us:

Our youngest group, Pallav, then performed ‘Anansi and the Magic Stick’, based on a Liberian folk story retold by Eric Kimmel:

“I’m not lazy, I’m thinking!”

The Magic stick

A trickle at first, then a stream, then a flood, then a mighty river.

Kiri, our junior school group, enacted ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss. They made their own props with the teachers’ help:
“Listen here! Here’s a wonderful chance
to make our money dance!”

“You won’t see the Once-ler.
Don’t knock at his door.
He stays in his Lerkim on top of his store.”

“This is JUST what I need!”
(A Thneed’s a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!)

Oh, these trees, these trees, these Truffula trees!
Tarang and Isaura, our middle and senior school student-groups, performed ‘Androcles and the Lion’ by George Bernard Shaw:
“A man ought to think of his wife sometimes.”
“He can’t always help it, dear. You make me think of you a great deal. Not that I blame you.”
“Blame me! I should think not indeed! Is it my fault that I’m married to you?”
“No, dear: that is my fault.”

“Clever little liony-piony! Understands um’s dear friend Andy Wandy.”
“and now you go off dancing with a great brute beast that you haven’t known for ten minutes…”

“On the contrary, [my religion] commands me to strike you. How can you turn the other cheek if you are not first struck on the one cheek?”
“Join us. Come to the lions. Come to suffering and death… These tears will water your soul and bring forth good fruit, my son.”
“Superb fighter, I could almost yield you my throne!”
Sharad, who directed the three plays:
Getting ready to sing on stage …
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nice photos, keep it up ,
best wishes….

I just happen to see the magazine ! its just wonderful… wishes to all kids and credits to all Mentors.. some of the sketches are too outstanding and shows what kids r upto.. one says v read maths ad english on days and does a drawing which actually imagines top view of the room and does people sitting around the table!.being mechanical double degree holder i say its hard for fresh engineers to think so !…. and those cute writings, regarding learning cycle and all that is so very NICE!… Thanks to tanu for making me keep in touch with these activities of Shibumi.! KIDS..u people rock 🙂


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