Ten days…

April1, 2009
by Shibumi

By Vasudev, Student (14)


When the teachers in school said that we had ten days off when the juniors were away, to explore things we enjoy, I really could think of nothing. I knew I had to study a lot, because of my exams this November, but other than that I had nothing much. I decided to continue my normal routine of studying, cycling, listening to music etc. Just that I would study a lot more.


Usha aunty had suggested that I should learn to play Table Tennis as it’s a game that can be played alone without a team, as there aren’t any other boys my age in Shibumi. She knew of a class in Jayanagar (4th Block). As a result of this I found myself playing TT every day for an hour and a half. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it on the first day but after a bit I found myself enjoying it quite a lot. The classes were at 5:30 and went on till 7:00. This used up most of my evenings (as I had to leave at 4:00 and was only back at round 8:00) and I suddenly found myself struggling to find time, when I originally thought that I’d have too much.


I also thought I’d do some roller blading since I hadn’t done it for a few years. Angie said she had a pair of roller blades at home (as mine were now way too small) and she got them. During the ten days I didn’t actually do as much as I’d liked, but I did manage to skate for an hour every day or two. Another activity that I didn’t do as much as I’d thought I’d do was cycling. I did do a bit here and there but I’d hoped to do a couple of long trips that never materialized.


During the weekends I had Spanish classes. I had two hours of private one on one classes and three hours of a group session. So this meant that I couldn’t do anything else on the weekends. But overall between Spanish, TT and my studies, my ten days were quite packed, but very enjoyable. Moreover if I hadn’t had any one of these activities I’m sure I’d have been very bored.   

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