Seeing connections between ‘sharing’ and the ‘Cauvery Issue’

September15, 2016
by Shibumi
When the children were on the bus to Shibumi after the day off declared due the bandh in the city, there was much talk amongst the children about the bandh. There were conclusions being shared that made me pause , and I realized how much information about the violence had reached the children, how they felt part of a group and how fear was playing out in them.
It prompted a pause in Shibumi after lunch, where the Ketaki’s (Age 6 to 10)with some children from across the other groups shared why they felt there was a Bandh….

Sharing what unfolded… It created a pause….

Why we felt a bandh was called in the city…..

So many things we happening in the city…..

How we feel when we have to share something we don’t want to share…

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Thanks for sharing this. Amazing observations. It gave an insight into how Children think and how we influence/affect them

Loved this! Reminds me of HSBC tagline 'different people, different views'. This article just shows that even kids have their own outlook and view! Amazing way of learning kids' thought-process. So happy to see how honest these kids are! – Lini Varghese

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