Playing with yoga

September21, 2013
by Shibumi
Each time I start this class , I never really know what is going to happen and I am truly reminded of K’s question, “Can you look at something afresh, like you are doing it for the very first time in your life?”

This is the very attitude I am constantly trying to bring to the older students…in different ways. It is a complete mystery to me what brings this movement about, yet on the days this shift happens it is palpable. I know from the young faces around me that something different happened.

With the younger children, the challenge is different, how does one keep interest alive in a sustained physical movement without bringing word/ thought into it? And with a group of chatterboxes dying to see/ compare with the neighbours’ body, push without bringing about resistance? Here it is definitely more playful, and stories  are important as the class unfolds.

As in no other space in my life, I see that one never steps into the same river twice.


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