Pingu and Butterball

February14, 2009
by Shibumi

The darlings of Shibumi! They bear all the scratching, squeezing, lifting, rough-play and baby-talk they are subjected to without complaint. Many morning assembly announcements have had to do with them — their recent sterilisation after which they were treated with extreme care, other small injuries they have sustained, building a house for them, feeding during the holidays. I can’t think of a child who does not interact with them.

We hadn’t planned to have dogs at Shibumi — we were worried about long holidays when nobody would be at the house. We started feeding these dogs (and their sister, Rosebud) when we noticed how thin and starved they were. Pingu and Butty followed us home and refused to go back. I suppose that was partly because none of children wanted them to go back!

We have, so far, been able to work things out in holidays. And the dogs are, we think, still capable of finding their own food.

These are Adi’s drawings of the dogs:

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wow!!i didn’t notice that these were drawings..amazing…

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