Lunch Time

July14, 2016
by Shibumi

Before lunch one sees Aman (the boy in the green T-shirt-5years) walk purposefully towards our tiny garden and get a banana leaf for lunch. He sprinkles water on the leaf to clean it, serves his food onto the leaf with the main rice item in the lower part of the leaf and the side dishes on the upper part!He then smiles at the food served and starts eating with his hands. When he is done, he fold his leaf and walks to the cow to give it the banana leaf!

He noticed some of us were smiling at him perform this food art and has volunteered to get banana leaves for all of us who are interested to eat on one.

Looking forward to lunch tomorrow.


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Admissions for 2024-25

The admission process for 2024-25 has concluded for children till O-levels (10th grade).

We invite parents whose children are interested in the intent of the space in the A-level program to apply for admission with us.