Flower Show at Lalbagh

August12, 2008
by Shibumi

We went early and were let into the flower show without tickets, before it had officially begun.

We then split up, explored Lalbagh, played games. We also happened to see the BBMP van catching dogs for vaccination/sterilisation, which is always painful to watch. We sat together with all the kids, explained it to them, and talked about it. There was a lot of discussion about alternative, less painful ways to catch dogs.

We all spent some time at the big banyan tree — some played Hide and Seek, and others ran a mud food restaurant.The van picked us up after we had eaten our packed lunch.

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Hey kutties,

Nice to see you guys playing here and there.Keep going & have a safe play too.

amazing u people r !!! i have become fan at one glance of the blog !!! u peple r just amazing 🙂 cheers . .


raghavendra condiments !!!

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