Blocks- for learning

July23, 2016
by Shibumi

Wooden blocks lends itself to learning effortlessly. Here are some ways we have seen children engage with wooden blocks.
The children have a countless possibilities and can use their imagination. While playing with wooden blocks the younger children develop muscle coordination, discover how different objects feel in their hands, think about shapes and patterns. Improve eye-hand coordination and build strength in a child’s fingers and hands.
Most of all we have seen how the blocks lend itself to creative play, interaction with each other while building together and it gives imagination a free licence, which is important. Children can potentially develop their vocabularies as they learn to describe sizes, shapes, and positions.
Then of course one has experiences with gravity, balance, and geometry is learned from wooden blocks.
My favorite , is watching children of all ages work together and create things together. Children from age 5 to age 17 are sometimes found creating, interacting, laughing, grabbing (sharing!) blocks and playing together.


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Admissions for 2024-25

The admission process for 2024-25 has concluded for children till O-levels (10th grade).

We invite parents whose children are interested in the intent of the space in the A-level program to apply for admission with us.