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April3, 2009
by Shibumi

By Sangeetha, Student (16)

While the junior and middle school children were off to kodaikanal and Sahyadri, we, the senior school we given 10 days of ‘freedom to explore whatever enthused us’


So, we made a list of things we wanted to do which included fantasies (like archery, setting up a photochemical lab, a day-trip to keystone etc).


 But here are the things I did end up doing:


Baking – Though it was something I had never tried, the thought had always fascinated me. Gayathri, Shreesha and I attended two wonderful classes by Shruti- Ved’s aunt. Shruti was extremely sweet and warm. We started off with chocolate chip cookies .In half-hour’s time we were busy measuring, sieving, kneading, cracking eggs and happily chattering away! (I made a point to taste everything I came across). The hard part was, having to wait for the cookies to bake, as their fragrance teasingly trailed across the room. Finally, they were done. Although they were abnormally large and irregular in shape, I couldn’t wait to bite in. I bit into the crunchy golden-brown cookie with soft chocolate chunks buried here and there. It was just heavenly.


The second class was on my aunt’s birthday. So we decided to make pineapple-n-vanilla flavored soda cake (egg less) for her. It was a 1 kg cake, about 4 inches high. The icing bit was great fun. We sprayed sugar syrup on the cake, and covered it with pineapple chunks. Finally we smothered the whole cake in fresh cream and perfected it with a few decorative pineapple pieces and cream. We also made tart-sized cherry pies, and covered them with strips of the crispy base- making it look quite grand. I was quite disappointed I couldn’t taste them immediately as I had a tooth ache. The delicacies were neatly packed in brown boxes making it look very professional. Later that day I surprised my aunt with the cake. The whole evening was wondrous.


Music – As I have an exam coming up in May I had to practice quite a bit. I listened to some professional singers, learnt new songs, did some akaarasaadhana , tried raagam-swaram.


Violin – It had been long since I last practiced the violin, about 4 years. I tried practicing for a while. Spend some time dusting, tuning, tightening the bow, fixing the bridge. My fingers started aching and whatever I played was out of tune and upsetting and for while I realized how much I missed playing it. Memories of my classes, my teacher, friends, times I practiced at my old home, came flooding back. I hope I start again someday soon!


Traveling– Originally, it was planned that I take a bus pass and just hop in and out of buses to explore the city. But I guess commuting to my classes itself was quite hectic.

For example-

Jakkur (yelahanka-home – 6:30 am)à Majestic bus stand à Banashankari à avalahalli ( 10:00 – 12:30 Math and English classes at nandi gardens) àBanashankari à Basavanagudi (baking classes 1:30 -5:00) à Jayanagar (deliver cake to aunts house) à Majestic (got stuck in the 2 hr JC road traffic jam) à jakkur (10:00 pm- ah…home sweet home)

It was the first time I was traveling alone in a bus – a bittersweet taste of independence and responsibility.



Astronomy – I had hoped to star gaze on the last three days, but the overcast sky clouded my view (pun intended). I read a few books lent to me by Lakshmi aunty. I also used the net and studied constellations, heavenly bodies – planets, comets, asteroids, stars (kinds of stars, birth- death, size, temperature, etc). I also spent hours watching the moon under a friend’s home-made telescope – a magnificent sight!


And of course……..some studying!!


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