Shibumi is a study and learning centre for both adults and young people of school-going age.

For adults it offers a space where, through dialogue, one understands oneself and relationships in the light of Krishnamurti’s teachings. For such interested adults only, Shibumi also offers an educational programme where resource persons and parents cooperate in creating a right learning environment for their children.

Krishnamurti’s teachings act as a mirror in which we can comprehend ourselves and the complex movement of our fears, sorrows, desires and loneliness, which are indeed common to all mankind. They are not a guide to any particular way of living, nor do they offer a technique or method to free ourselves of psychological misery. These teachings are not an abstract philosophical system by which one can hope to live with stability and in order. Shibumi is not a community that one joins, but it is a coming together of individuals, in the spirit of freedom and cooperation, in the movement of self knowing through dialogue and observation.